We’ve just released a limited edition of 100 signed copies of the our DVD boxed set. The Diceman Definitive Collection contains every episode ever made, plus extras including personal photographs, scripts from the show and an interview with Russell and Shaun. It is now available here at £37.98 for a limited time only. So get yours while you can!

In The Diceman, Russell Harris and cameraman Shaun Fenton, set out on a completely random journey to find out what life would be like when every decision is taken not by the self, but by an ordinary 6-sided dice. With no means of transport, just a small amount of money and a bag of essentials, Russell and Shaun spent three years on a voyage of discovery like no other – travelling over 18,000 miles, through such places as Poland, Iceland, Holland, Germany, the British Isles, Denmark, Ireland, Greenland, and the USA.

Inspired by Luke Rhinehart and his many books, this unique TV show has proved to be a huge success all over the globe and has influenced the lives, in no small way of many thousands of people, by showing how unpredictability can change the way we all approach the world. All 4 series are now available for purchase in a box-set, containing every one of the 60 shows ever made, plus a few extras which we are sure you’ll love, including music from the show, transcripts of all episodes, some personal travel snaps and a interview with Russell and Shaun.

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