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Steve Rose posted… The best travel show ever transmitted!

Cubes posted… Just watched your ‘reminiscing’ video infront of the fire place (you guys, not me!) and it brought back very fond memories of watching the original runs of the show with my Nanna, god rest. It’s a real shame that a resurrection looks bleak. It was a gem and very original, and I still think, to this day, there has been nothing like it. Anyhoo, if you guys over get back to rolling, I’ll be back watching… From my armchair in North Yorkshire…

Marcos Soul posted… Just introduced my son to the randomness of travel with a twist! Amazing balance of education, laughs and heart, a rare treat. Here’s hoping you can get a Kickstarter for a new series. Marcos and new convert Dan.

Radu posted… Hi, Watching you two travelling was awesome. It was one of the first travel series to reach us in Romania in the 90s, when really there was no option to travel to Western Europe decently. The pure joy you showed on camera, the way you always charmed your hosts, found interesting stuff to see or do, was really, really something we hoped for us. I never use a dice on my travels now, but when travelling alone I did ocassionaly use one! More importantly, I am open to people’s suggestions, and always I want to see something else than the picture-card scenes everyone knows and wants. Thanks for that!

Rich Earth posted… Hi. I loved the Diceman, it was one of the first programmes I watched on cable tv in the late 90s and takes me back to these times when my then girlfriend now wife would enjoy the programme. Time for series 5 I reckon Russ.

Oscar.S Sweden posted… Hello I are a very big The Diceman fan, every morning I watch on The Diceman on Discovery Travel an Living. But that was over five-six years ago. Now I found this site and I have a question. For me it would be a bit awkward to pay since I live in Sweden. When I saw your section, I was 12-14 years old and it was just fun every time, and fun! I’d be incredibly happy. I’ve never run into other fans from Sweden so I do not know if you have so many fans here, but I am one anyway and when The Diceman final was broadcast here, it was very boring. Sorry for my english, it might not be the best though. Greetings Oscar The Diceman fan

Angelyn posted… Greetings from Northern California! It’s been 15 years since I’ve seen your show yet it remains my favorite travel series of all time. Thank you for sharing the fun & adventure. Angelyn

Tony Everett posted… Just wanted to say that after watching many years ago, I’m still inspired by you guys and the fantastic way you make your way around … Many thanks, Tony.

Mark posted… Loved the show. One of very few shows I actually planned and made time to watch. Miss the theme song. Wish I could find the original. It would make a wonderful ringtone. The old website had it (hint).

Rudolf, South Africa posted… Can’t wait for the new show. Hope it works out!!

marko posted… right folks lets do something to get this cracking little programme and first class presenter back on tv…they are head and shoulders above the dross that is on the box just now and the fake insincere presenters are 3rd division compared to premier league mr harris

Paul Holmes posted… Hi Russell, we are still waiting on an update on the news you released last year about channel 4 taking up your new diceman project. Please let us know the latest

Paul, Poland posted… I love yours program. I am hoping against hope that there is a further series of The Diceman.

Colin posted… I first discovered the diceman series on the old discovery home and leisure channel way back in roughly the year 2001ish. I was going through a really dark period of my life and would spend all night lying on my parents living room floor watching endless episodes. I loved the series so much because it gave me the chance to escape from my own life. It got me through so many sleepless nights so thank u so much Russell and Shaun. Over the moon that I’ve rediscovered you.

Paula Goodrum Holmes posted… Dear Russell and Shaun, I used to love watching your shows, They got me through the boringness of my maternity leave prior to giving birth, I have missed your shows so much and think that the BBC or ITV should commission you to do more of The Dice Man! Just absolutely fantastic they were! xx

Richard, Scotland posted… What an incredible programme, it opened my eyes to the possibilities and excitement of travel. All the best with the future projects, and I can’t wait to see you back on the TV soon!!

Chris posted… Hey guys, love your show so much. It’s been a while since the last repeats, any sign of them being shown again or a new series?

Wesley O’brien posted… I remember finding this show and staying up for hours watching every epsiode I could – I love this show! I even have the theme tune on my Ipod in the car and when it comes on everyone asks what it is so I give them the low down on the show – can’t wait for a new series though! Just hope it keeps the magic of the first series and isnt too ‘polished’ for todays audience!

Pete, UK posted… Hello Russell, Having watched and glued to the dicemen throughout the middle and late 90’s. but I could not find any repeats on the discovery channel here in the UK. So I would like to thank Shaun, little Planet Media and yourself for all the hours of enjoyment and your passion for everything you do so keep up the good work and all the best for 2012 Best regards, Pete

mr Kevin Baker posted… hi im a avid fan of the show i watched it years ago im now a carer and looking after my mother who loves the show too.

Jes Talbot posted… I grew up watching your show in BOTSWANA of all places! Now I live in New Zealand and did a google search to try to find you again!

Tom Bridge posted… I am hoping against hope that there is a further series of The Diceman. I saw the programmes when first released several years ago and have also watched the repeats. Since it first aired, I have changed jobs three times, moved house, fathered ANOTHER child, and finally…have been prematurely retired after a Stroke!!!!!!! Good luck to you both and many thanks for the enjoyment you provided me with over the years.

Mark Pearson posted… Love the show fellas me and the whole family love it we have even got our own dice now to find out what we are going to do next. please bring back the dice man.

Clive and Denise posted… Good news Russell and Shaun…some good television to watch again soon!!

Mr S Cracknell posted... I have always enjoyed watching your show. I now live in Ipswich (where you have visited), and a few years ago I took loads of photos – and a few months later I was looking at them on my computer, when I suddenly thought one looked familiar – and it did – it was the Celtic Explorer, which you went on from Bristol to Cardiff – It seems to be based in Ipswich – as it always seems to be there when I look around the marina. Also been along the same section of Route 66 as you (in the opposite direction about 4-5 months before you), and in the same direction about 5 years afterwards. Also been to Monument Valley (such a lovely place – 3 times), stayed in Moab (Utah twice – visiting on both occasions Arches and Canyonlands National Parks). Also visited (about 3 months after you – San Francisco – but did get to Alcatraz). Been to Florida many times (and did a tour of Daytona International Speedway), also visting Las Vegas shortly – for the 10th time!!!!. The Diceman is one of most favourite television programs.

Phil Wilde posted...Would be nice to see the dice out again! Phil W. Widnes,Uk

Mike Foskett posted… I remember the show well and couldn’t believe it ended, thought it would run for ever! Suppose it was a sign of things to come with the current prevalence of so called ‘reality’ shows which are inexorably dragging the nation’s taste and discernment ever lower. Good luck with all you do, I’m taking some recently purchased dice to the relatively unexplored Greek island of Aegina in a couple of weeks, looking forward to whatever they throw up! Cheers! Mike in Warrington

Ali Johnson, Rayleigh Essex posted… Dear Russell & Shaun, Many thanks for one of the most watchable programmes to grace our screens! the concept and content is equal to none, the humour and genuine warmth toward people you meet is excellent, all in all,(you could say,) “the muts nuts!!” Keep it up, good luck to you all!!

Brian, Birmingham posted… Russell and Shaun Your program is great next time you come to brum let me know and ill buy the drinks All the best.

Vaughan, South Africa posted… Howzit Russell and Shaun! My name is Vaughan and i live in South Africa and ever since we have had satellite TV i have been watching your show and i know you must get alot of this, but why don’t you guys come and roll your dice in S.A? Its a great place, you must come and see for yourself though. I always see how you guys love your pubs and guinness, so why dont you come and have a pint of the worlds best lager, CASTLE LAGER. Anyway gotta go. Cheers Adil, Almaty.

Holt Family, Bolton, UK posted… Hi Russell & Shaun, Well, we finally did it – the Diceman family day out that we’ve been saying we’ll do for ages. On the throw of the dice we went off to Wakefield (+ Burger king & Pontefract Castle!) ………we got back home in time to tune in & where did you go that day?? You’ve guessed it, WAKEFIELD!! Spooky!

Jason & Tammy Duncan, Essex, UK posted… Hi guys, We need more diceman to get us through another winter. Great viewing still after nearly 2 years. Try, try, try to get it on again. All the best.

The Bawden Family, Melbourne Australia posted… Hi all, My family and I in Melbourne love the show and are sad that another series hasn’t on yet. Maybe a ‘Diceman Down Under’ show. I must admit, though, that we really love the UK series with all those interesting places in the UK that we hope to visit one day. Your show brought us a lot of joy mainly because of your down to earth approach and friendly manner. Regards & best wishes

Paul, United Kingdom posted… I adore your show Its the best thing on the box these days I think Russell has great courage have the time I bet he can’t be arsed but he still caries on. Shawn is very funny I don’t know if he means to do this but he just cracks me . I watch the show all the time that is if I get up in time for the first showing put if I don’t I will watch the repeat. It should be on more than twice a day but what can you do keep up the show Its was a shame you did not get the chance to go to Weymouth because that is an excellent town. Paul

Lisa Brunton, Aberdeen. posted… OHMYGOD! Tell me it’s not true, no more Diceman? Do you know, all you lovely people at the Diceman (Yes, that also includes you Russell and Shaun….), you were my sanctuary during my pregnancy? ( Sick as a dog I was, hhmmmm.) I cannot bring up my son, alone in this terrible world. He would have seen the world as a nicer place thanks to Russell and Shaun, that you can ride Harley Davidson’s and see alligators and eat a McDonald’s all in one day, instead of waving a rattle about and being miserable and windy all day. Anyway, I sent a bewildering e-mail to the Discovery nutters, and told them that they were full of flatulence and other undesirables, and in no uncertain terms that a new series must be commissioned. What the hell went wrong? Is Pol Pot alive and well and working for the Discovery Channel? I encourage the good viewers of the world to unite, and to give the Discovery Channel et al some serious earache. Do whatever! Get Russell and Shaun back on our screens! Yours very upset, Lisa Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Boudewijn, Mierlo, Holland posted… Heja Diceman! I really love the show … keep up the good work and let’s hope for many more series to come. I just picked it up it must be on some re-run or sometin’. It is on at 3:00 in the morning so I stay up a bit later then normal just for that. Hope to see you guys coming to Holland in this great new millenium. It’s really worth it. (I’ve got some nice suggestions for the numbers on the dice…) Keep those dice rolling! GreetZ

Metaxas Polakis, Greece posted… I am a Law Student and my Husband is a Pilot. We both love your show and watch it every night. Well done, such a worthwhile TV program to watch because you guys show the real side of travel, not just the gimmick places to go….

Sandra & Ray Owens United Kingdom posted… Just wanted to drop you a short line to say that my wife Sandra and I both really enjoy your show. I think I started watching it a few years back now and encouraged my wife to watch it, she too is now a big fan. I suppose part of the attraction is it is something that we would like to do but perhaps are too used to having things planned and knowing where we are going to stay! Anyway, good luck with getting a new series off the ground.

Paul Belfast, N. Ireland posted… Russell & Shaun, I do hope “the suits” get off their backsides and commission a load of new shows…I’ve been off work for a while and have really enjoyed the programmes. Thanks for the entertainment Good luck and Best Wishes.

Steve Finn, United Kingdom posted… My partner and I together with a friend ride bikes and have often thought about having a Diceman holiday. As yet we haven’t tried it but who knows? Thanks to your inspiration we just might. Keep it up good luck for the future.

Jude Pease, Manchester posted… Dear Russell & Shaun I’ve only just started watching your show on Discovery Home and Leisure at 7.00 am in the morning before I set off to work. I have to say it’s the best thing on the box by miles; I caught it whilst I was flicking through the channels one morning and was hooked instantly. The powers that be should re-run it at prime time on a terrestrial channel to show those who missed out on it first time (including me) what an addictive programme it is. Anyway best wishes and here’s hoping we see u on our screens again soon!

Sue Loosely, New Malden Surrey posted… I think I must have watched most of your programmes over the years and thoroughly enjoyed them. I love the format and would love to see more PLEASE! I’ve only just discovered your web site and that is just as enjoyable. Best Wishes to you both!!!

Darrin J. Hartman, United States posted… Why did the Travel Channel cancel the Diceman show? It was one of my favorites!!! Please respond ASAP so I can know when the Diceman is coming back to America!!!

Kelly C. in Appleton, WI posted… Hey guys, Who is the moron at the Discovery channel that decided not to renew your program? After getting totally hooked on your show I’m just floored that those idiots pulled the best thing on TV. What were they thinking? I will definitely call and e-mail both the Discovery channel and Travel channel, and have my friends; neighbours and relatives do the same. I really hope to see your show renewed-you’re heads and shoulders above the rest.

Pierre, South France posted… Simply put, the Diceman is the best show on TV. I have managed to convert two of my friends, and they now watch every episode!

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