YouTube here we come...

Ok, at long last we're uploading the second series of our little travel show. You can check it out on YouTube by clicking the link at the top of this page. Hope you enjoy them. 🙂

Love from us all here! x

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Hello! We need your help!

I'm back from my yearlong sabbatical and can’t wait to get back to work! At the top of the agenda is the development of an exciting new dice app, which we’re hoping to launch later this year. I’m also seriously thinking about digging out those dice again 🎲, for a one-hour special to celebrate the 21st anniversary of our first ever show! So I guess it’s a case of…watch this space!

Anyway, I digress, we need your help because, under YouTube’s new eligibility requirements, our YouTube channel will be penalised because it does not meet the new threshold of 1,000 subscribers ☹️. Our channel is at and we only have until the 20 February 2018 to find 505 new subscribers! So, we’d be cock-a-hoop 🍾 if you could subscribe and at the same time, twist the arm of anyone you know to do the same! We’ll make it worth your while, by uploading Series 2 of The Diceman, for you to watch anytime you like. Sounds like a good deal to me! 😀

Russell. x

Older Stories

Love this! March 17th, 2014 Just spotted this recent comment from Marcos: Just got the DVD and introduced my son to the randomness of travel with a twist! Amazing balance of education, laughs and heart, a rare treat. Here’s hoping you can get a Kickstarter for a new series. Marcos and new convert Dan Now I’ve been thinking (in spite of our advancing years) how much I’d love to get Diceman back on screen…and lord knows I’ve tried! The BBC have recently thrown a bit of development money at a new version of the show, so we’ll see. But if that doesn’t come off, then I think Kickstarter could be the place to begin. I’ll keep you posted. Keep on rolling! Russell

2013…better late than never! March 8th, 2013 A New Year and new possibilities… Our multiplatform project has stalled due to the pressure of having to earn a living! I’m hopeful though that sometime this year we might finally pull it off and get Diceman back on TV (in some way shape or form)! I spent last month in Uganda working for the charity Act4Africa and travelling with our cameras. At times it felt just like being back on Diceman again. Although we only spent 3 years making the show between 1997 and 2000, I can remember every single show as if it were yesterday. Shaun was pretty poorly last year, he’s on the mend and we all wish him well for 2013. Want to wrap up by noting our thanks for all those of you who drop us comments from time to time – it’s amazing how many of you still have affection for the show after all these years! Thanks!! Russell

The Holiday Season November 29th, 2012 It’s that time of year again – winter is setting in and everyone is thinking of two things; Christmas and Christmas get-a-ways. There are two choices when it comes to getting away for Christmas. Skiing or a winter sun holiday. Personally, I am going skiing in January. I’m off to the Alps in France for a week of skiing – bliss. Many of us will experience the Christmas rush at the airports come December. Delays because of the weather, mad rushes to the check in desk and queue’s longer than the runway! Let us know if you are going anywhere this year! Regards The Diceman Team

Get well soon October 24th, 2012 Shaun is not very well at the moment, so all of us at Little Planet just want to wish him a speedy recovery! Get well soon Shaun!

Our Lovely Fans… October 24th, 2012 We receive so many great comments on our website, YouTube channel, Twitter, Facebook and email, that its hard to keep up with them! These are two of the latest we’ve had in over email and on The Diceman website… “My girlfriend just bought me the DVD collection for my birthday which I was over the moon with. As an excellent bonus it came with a signed picture of Russell. Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Russell and the team for making the series available and for a brilliant programme. ( and a great big thanks for the signed picture!!!!! ). I’m going to take a day off work and watch the entire 4 series in one go!!!! Fans of the series would love to see Russell and Sean do something else together sometime. Thanks again” and…. “Right folks lets do something to get this cracking little programme and first class presenter back on tv…they are head and shoulders above the dross that is on the box just now and the fake insincere presenters are 3rd division compared to premier league mr harris” It really means a lot when you send in your thoughts, so keep it up! Hope everyone is well. Please follow us on twitter @dicemanuk

It’s been a while October 4th, 2012 Well it’s been a while since our last blog! I apologize for this. It’s been mental here and I simply haven’t had time to blog! My last blog was in August – the typical holiday month in which everyone jets off. It’s now just gone October. OCTOBER! I can’t believe it. Before you know it, Halloween and Bonfire Night will be upon us. And then the word we hate to hear so early… Chr*#!mas I’m planning a skiing holiday for early next year. I used to go on a regular basis every year, but money and work commitments got in the way and I haven’t been for ages. Let us know if you are planning a winter getaway somewhere. I fancy New York for Christmas, but I do have to think of the small issue of money… Oh and our DVD Box Set’s are still available…

Holiday Blues August 9th, 2012 It’s that time of year when everyone is going on holiday. The weeks before the departure date seem to take forever and they are filled with excitement and stress – thinking of what to pack! The day arrives and you excitedly make your way to the airport to catch your flight. After spending hours waiting for the plane and in the air, you finally arrive and walk off the plane. The sweltering heat hits you like a punch as the holiday begins. The two week holiday you booked and looked forward to for months, flies by so fast that you hardly believe you have been away at all. Next thing you know, you’re back sitting in the office at work with the typical British summer rain pelting the windows, wishing you were back laying on the beach in the blissful 38 degree heat. This happened to me anyway; I jetted off to Corfu for two weeks. And didn’t it fly by. Let us know where you went or where you are going this year. Or even better, where you are now! Back to the work side of life, we have some interesting projects in the pipeline so watch this space! Take Care The Diceman Team

Bemused Flyers June 1st, 2012 I read recently that Virgin Atlantic cabin crew have been asked to list the most unusual requests that they have had whilst onboard an aircraft. Some 3000 cabin crew were asked and the results were well, rather funny! Cabin Crew members said that some passengers have asked ‘please can you open the window?’ – These passengers obviously have no appreciation of an aircraft cabin pressurized whilst at 35,000 feet! I think some passengers expect a plane to be like a hotel or a shopping centre! Questions such as ‘Can you show me to the showers?’ ‘Can you take my children to the playroom?’ and my favourite – ‘Is there a McDonalds onboard?’ Even if you don’t know much about flying, surely this is all common sense!? Okay, two more! Cabin crew reported being asked the following – ‘Could you turn down the engines as their too loud?’ and ‘Can you ask the captain to stop the turbulence?’ I dare you to ask something funnier on your next flight! ; ) Hope you are all well. @dicemanuk

The holiday season is approaching! May 16th, 2012 After many months of rain, wind and chilly temperatures the summer is nearly here. Which probably means more rain, wind and chilly temperatures! How many of you will be escaping the torture of the British weather and fleeing abroad for your summer holiday? I know I will! But, how many of you go on a good old typical camping holiday? I used to visit Northern France every year to camp for two weeks and I loved it. This was until I got fed up with the mild temperatures and decided to fly to exotic locations for my summer holiday! This year it’s Corfu – and I cannot wait to get away! Two weeks of relaxing, sun, sea and warm temperatures! Lovely. Let us know where you are going this year! @dicemanuk

Diceman 2012 April 24th, 2012 So myself and Lukasz are busy in the office this Tuesday afternoon, but where is Russell you may ask!? Well, he’s down in London in a meeting with the big boys from Channel 4. There discussing the new multi platform project we have planned and its looking pretty promising! If it gets the go ahead, the project will take TV and interactive viewing to the next level! So stay tuned for more news. We will be tweeting, facebook’ing and Blogging news! The Diceman DVD’s are still available so get yours today, only £39.99 @dicemanuk

Happy Easter! April 12th, 2012 So the Easter get-away has been and gone. Has anyone been anywhere nice? It was all over the news that the major airports would be packed with jet-setters hoping to get away, although I didnt actually hear of any ques or hold-ups! Did anyone use those little dice to decide where to go or what to do over the weekend? Head over to the Fanzone and drop us a comment!! Does anyone use Google+ ? I haven’t dabbled with it yet, but I’m pretty certain by the end of this year it will be a big player within the social media networks. Within the last week, Google have completely re-designed the Google+ look, borrowing ideas and layouts from Twitter and Facebook. I really believe that this social media network will rival the biggies at the moment. But, will it ever beat Facebook? We’re still working on the new multi platform project with Channel 4 based on The Diceman. We are going through the pitching stages and hope to have some solid news soon! Remember to follow us on Twitter @dicemanuk and Like us on Facebook for more news on the Channel 4 project!

Spring is here! March 22nd, 2012 So Spring is finnally here. The days are getting warmer and the nights are lighter. We’re all working harder than ever in the office with the new Diceman project taking off. We also finishing off other projects and accumulating more! Our YouTube channel has had some lovely new comments. You can see them and some of our videos, including a whole episode of The Diceman here As for the DVD box set, their flying out! Get yours today either from the shop on our website, or You can also follow us on Twitter @dicemanuk or like us on Facebook Hope you are all keeping well. Stay tuned for more news!

March Update March 14th, 2012 Hey guys, We are all very busy, working hard both in and out of the office at the moment. One of the big new multi-platform projects we are working on is with Channel 4 to do with a new version of The Diceman and as you can imagine, it is taking a lot of time! We are also continuing to work on current projects with different clients, so its all go at the moment, Remember that The Diceman DVD box set is available from the ‘Shop’ page on this website, and now Also, watch this space for new information and news on the Channel 4 project!

The Diceman interactive map! January 26th, 2012 Russell and Shaun visited many countries whilst filming The Diceman and now you can see some of the places they visited and what they did there using StreetInterview! Follow the link below to re-live The Diceman’s journey all those years ago! The Diceman DVD Interview – Russell and Shaun Reminisce! October 11th, 2011 Russell and Shaun recently met up after 10 years to reminisce about the good old Diceman days! The whole interview will be included on the new DVD which you can purchase in The Diceman shop at Get yours now for £39.99!

The Return Of The Diceman! October 11th, 2011 The return of the Diceman! Our new Multiplatform dicing project has been chosen to be developed by Channel 4 Online, with a view to it becoming a full blown commission in 2012. Yippee! Luke Rhinehart Article September 21st, 2011 Our good friend George Cockcroft, the author of the book that inspired our show, dropped us an email recently about an article explaining how his book, The Dice Man, came into existence. The book was first published in 1971 by George under the pen name Luke Rhinehart andtells the story of a psychiatrist who begins making life changing decisions based on the roll of a dice. The book was based on Cockcroft’s own experiences of using a dice to make decisions whilst studying psychology. The novel was noted for its subversive, anti- psychiatry sentiments and was consequently banned in several countries. The cover bore the confident sub header: “Few novels can change your life. This one will” and quickly became a modern cult classic. Luke has sent us an interesting article about how he came to write the novel and his numerous adventures in doing so. Follow the link below to read in full.