Love this!

Just spotted this recent comment from Marcos:

Just got the DVD and introduced my son to the randomness of travel with a twist!
Amazing balance of education, laughs and heart, a rare treat.
Here’s hoping you can get a Kickstarter for a new series.
Marcos and new convert Dan

Now I’ve been thinking (in spite of our advancing years) how much I’d love to get Diceman back on screen…and lord knows I’ve tried! The BBC have recently thrown a bit of development money at a new version of the show, so we’ll see. But if that doesn’t come off, then I think Kickstarter could be the place to begin. I’ll keep you posted.

Keep on rolling!

  1. Gary posted...

    Have you tried the dicescovery channel?
    It’s time for you guys to roll again , maybe the diceman down under! Hope you get back on SKY. They owe you it, as you were one of the shows that started it all for them.

    Good luck.

  2. Paul posted...

    Hey Russell,
    How are you, you didn’t roll the dice the day your motorbike broke down on the M56 many moons ago, I was the Green Flag guy who picked you up, do you remember?
    Well now I’m living in Oz, what you been up to? I’ll always remember that day, saying you looked like the dice man, ha ha!
    I watched all your shows, time for a new series, I think.
    See you downunder soon, when the dice allows.
    Hope all is well,

  3. steve g posted...

    Good luck in getting The Diceman back on tv….it’s a programme I know my 10 year old would also love as it’s educational as well as fun. Get a petition going for people to sign….

  4. Tollo posted...

    Love to see another series or seven of the Dice
    Man. Roll the dice – evens = you make more asap,odds= you make more even quicker. Easily one of the most unusual and best shows on DDiscovery. Can’t believe main stream channels didn’t swipe it.

  5. Mark P posted...

    a new series would be fantastic….i still occasionally load up the odd You Tube clip, sit back & enjoy watching when i’ve got some free time over the weekend….happy memories of one of the best presented travel shows on t.v

    it really would be terrific if you two could re-ignite the show & revisit the original format….simple, well made television!!…it doesn’t get any better than that!!

  6. Shanna posted...

    I am stoked to see the tv series for sale (just purchased). I am a doctoral researcher at a university in Australia, looking at experimental and creative tourist encounters. I have wanted to include an analysis of your series, but could only find short youtube clips… Looking forward to watching the DVD and hopefully including it in some of my academic work 🙂

  7. John Hewitt posted...

    Russell, I loved Diceman and never missed an episode. I think it is a show that would do well today given the interest in travel and tourism on TV. Maybe you could combine it with food from where you travel to, this would add a great twist.
    I would be very interested in helping fund a new show, please keep me informed.

    All the best,