Happy Easter!

So the Easter get-away has been and gone. Has anyone been anywhere nice? It was all over the news that the major airports would be packed with jet-setters hoping to get away, although I didnt actually hear of any ques or hold-ups! Did anyone use those little dice to decide where to go or what to do over the weekend?

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Does anyone use Google+ ? I haven’t dabbled with it yet, but I’m pretty certain by the end of this year it will be a big player within the social media networks. Within the last week, Google have completely re-designed the Google+ look, borrowing ideas and layouts from Twitter and Facebook. I really believe that this social media network will rival the biggies at the moment. But, will it ever beat Facebook?

We’re still working on the new multi platform project with Channel 4 based on The Diceman. We are going through the pitching stages and hope to have some solid news soon!

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  1. kevin garrigos posted...

    I loved every minute of Diceman and check periodicly see if my prayers answered and we will see another series.