Bemused Flyers

I read recently that Virgin Atlantic cabin crew have been asked to list the most unusual requests that they have had whilst onboard an aircraft. Some 3000 cabin crew were asked and the results were well, rather funny!

Cabin Crew members said that some passengers have asked ‘please can you open the window?’ – These passengers obviously have no appreciation of an aircraft cabin pressurized whilst at 35,000 feet!

I think some passengers expect a plane to be like a hotel or a shopping centre! Questions such as ‘Can you show me to the showers?’ ‘Can you take my children to the playroom?’ and my favourite – ‘Is there a McDonalds onboard?’

Even if you don’t know much about flying, surely this is all common sense!?

Okay, two more! Cabin crew reported being asked the following – ‘Could you turn down the engines as their too loud?’ and ‘Can you ask the captain to stop the turbulence?’

I dare you to ask something funnier on your next flight! ; )

Hope you are all well.


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