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The Diceman

Amazingly, it’s 16 years since Shaun and I first set out on our random journey, guided only by the whim of our tumbling green dice – with no means of transport, just a small amount of money and a bag of essentials.  Documenting our story on video, we spent three years on a voyage of discovery like no other – travelling over 18,000 miles, through such places as Poland, Iceland, Holland, Germany, the British Isles, Denmark, Ireland, Greenland, and the USA.

Inspired by Luke Rhinehart and his many books, the show has proved to be a huge success all over the world and has influenced the lives, in no small way of many thousands of people, by showing how unpredictability can change the way we all approach the world.

All 4 series are now available for purchase in our shop.

Also, due to huge popular demand, Little Planet Media are developing a fully joined-up, multi-platform version of The Diceman for this new digital age. The proposal is to build a “social game layer” around the existing format – where the game-board is replaced by the ground we all walk on! Played out across three interlinked platforms – web; mobile app; and connected TV – this new version of The Diceman will involve all of us playing along.

For now, this is all we can tell you – so, keep checking back for more. Or follow us on Facebook, or Twitter.

Russell Harris
March  2013

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